our catalog

This is our first attempt at a catalog.
We have another photo shoot in two weeks
for our holiday, dresses and cardigans.
I am hoping that one steps it up a notch and I feel confident 
to release

everything...and go live!


  1. a fellow joseph arthur fan... yippee!! and pru... oh my! aaahh-may-zing! my hat goes off to you :) (to say the least)I am so so so impressed little megs. you are doing a great service to the ladies in st george and everywhere. xo to your new line. - aly

  2. I am loving the catalog, the model, and the pics OH and of course the clothing line A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! nice work and cheers to you!

  3. love the clothes!!! too cute~ I want to do a photo shoot for you, please let me!

  4. Totally awesome Megs, you are rockin it!!! Gorgeous clothes, models, photography and layouts

  5. Megan it is so amazing. Well done!