Mia Farrow

Oh how I love Mia Farrow. she is seriously my hero. Her style is so classic and precious. I want everything she puts on. I was reading a copy of an old Lula and re-loved what I found. She has 14 children, 4 of them are birth children. She is a big-time humanitarian. She values old people and thinks it's funny we hire shrinks in this society when we should really talk to our elders. she starred in one of my all time favorite movies "rosemary's baby"... She is Everything, just so everything. 
I have a little itch to cut my hair short and just totally mi-mick her style this pregnancy... but there is no way I could pull it off, I'd cry a thousand tears til it grew long again. but maybe I could mimick her clothes...

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  1. I love her too...rosemary's baby she was rocking it. I didn't know she was like that, she just soared to new heights in my mind.