Mr and Mrs. Chandler

every time I look at either of this dashing married couple blogs,  I feel revived and inspired.  oh how  dreadfully much I miss talking with them about things that are beautiful and interesting in the world...
plus they are behind this..  brilliancy :)
all of these images are bits from their blog... I pretty much just want to repost everything they post all the time. they're wonders of people, I tell those Chandlers... thanks buddies :)


  1. wow megs, i'm flattered! we must be in neighboring boats then, cause your blogs are first on my list of 'inspiration go to's.' we have loved seeing pictures of new baby Graham, so sweet! and we are hoping to meet him in the not too distant future...

  2. Megawatt! Too nice... we miss you dearly. Please lets get together soon and just pump up the creative juices.